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January 29, 2008


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Complete Amplifiers from GDS

GDS Amplification is proud to offer complete, already-built versions of our renowned 18 watt guitar amplifiers. All complete GDS Amplifiers are hand-built in the USA from the best high-grade components such as GDS/Heyboer transformers, aluminum chassis and the best cabinets in the business. Complete GDS Amplifiers feature our 18W circuit and are personally built-to-order by Graydon – Perfect for those who want the classic 18W tone but don’t have the time or confidence to take on a GDS Kit.

GDS 18W Combo Amplifier: 1-12 – The most popular version of the classic 18W

$2000 includes S&H within cont. USA (MSRP $2400)

This classic configuration of the 18W combo couples the GDS Amplifier to a single 12″ Guytron Bigtone(tm) 35 speaker in a custom built cabinet.

GDS 18W Combo Amplifier: 2-10

$2000 + S&H (MSRP $2400)

The same circuit and tone of our classic 18W circuit with two 10″ ceramic speakers in a custom built cabinet.

GDS 18W Combo Amplifier: 2-12

$2200 + S&H (MSRP $2600)

Two 12″ Guytron Bigtone(tm) speakers project the classic 18W tone from our 2-12 combo version of the GDS Amplifier. (sample pictured with optional Blues speakers)

GDS 18W S/C Single Channel Combo Amplifier: the new Mini-18W

$1199 (MSRP $1499)

This light weight single channel 18W powerhouse packs a massive punch in a small grab-and-go package with a single 12″ Bigtone speaker.

GDS 18W Amplifier: Head

$1700 + S&H (MSRP $2100)

The essential rock accessory – the classic look and sound of a complete 18W GDS Head, ready to plug into your favorite speaker cabinet.

GDS 18W Amplifier: Offset head

$2000 + S&H (MSRP $2400)

Choose a truly vintage look with the offset head version of our 18W head – the same circuit with a distinctive look that will set you apart.

GDS 18W Amplifier: S/C Head

$1099 (MSRP $1399)

The 18W S/C head is bolder than a typical GDS 18W amp with more sustain. Try one for the latest in 18W tone and decide whether ‘S/C’ stands for ‘Single Channel’ or ‘SuperCharged’! The Single Channel head has all of the tone of a well tuned 18W but in a simple small package. You get all of the tone with no hassles, no questions and no compromises. This is 100% hand wired, eyelet board construction with only premium grade materials throughout. There is simply an input, volume and tone. Just leave the volume and tone at 5 – 7 and play. Two 12AX7 preamp tubes, two EL84 power amp tubes and one EZ81 rectifier tube. A 1-12 cabinet (with a Guytron Bigtone 35) can be added for an additional $545 (MSRP $699) plus shipping.

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