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Why GDS?

Choose the Pioneer of the 18W Revival

When you buy a GDS 18W Kit… GDS Kit Building

1. You get every part needed to build the amp.

This means everything (except the cabinet!) even the wire, screws, tubes, sockets, plexi panel, GDS/Heyboer trannys, etc. It also means that the parts are chosen to work together (meaning the correct types of resistors and capacitors) and they are all topnotch parts, not cheap, second rate parts. The only thing not included is the cabinet and speakers because most of our customers want to build their own cabinet and they usually have speakers already which they would like to use. We offer optional head cabinets now (ask for availability) and possibly combo cabinets in the near future making our kits complete in every way.

2. The Capacitors and resistors are all labeled.

You will know exactly which resistor goes in which spot in the circuit. There are cases where the same value of resistor or capacitor is used in multiple places in the amp, but a different type is needed in each location. For a beginner, this is invaluable and virtually guarantees a successful build. It has also been brought to my attention recently that since there are actually quite a few guys that are colour blind, this helps enormously in properly identifying the correct resistors.  Of course, you are encouraged to learn the colour codes for resistors and that information is included in the manual.

3. All of the parts come in one box.

That means you pay one shipping charge for the whole kit. If you were to source all the parts yourself, you would have to pay at least three or four shipping charges and could easily pay 7 or 8 shipping charges if you try to source your parts from a few different sources. Then you will likely have to reorder parts as you always forget something. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had to do just that. You can count on nearly doubling those shipping charges because of that. I don’t care how hard you try to make sure you order everything the first time. It happens to the best of us.

4. You get the GDS Assembly Manual.

This is a huge factor. The GDS Assembly manual for the 18W kit is a step-by-step manual that carefully explains every step of the process. It includes full colour photographs, drawings, layouts and schematics. There is a section on the first startup and a section on additional details for the head version. It is nicely bound and provides a reference that you will want to keep with your amp for as long as you own it.

5. You get our expert technical support.

You can always email GDS Amps for technical support if you have a question. I don’t care if it is a simple question or a difficult one. I am happy to help. There is also a forum designed expressly to support folks that are building 18W amps and it is a fantastic resource for everyone who is interested in the 18W amp, have a look at

6. It is made in USA!

Every major part and most of the minor parts are made in the USA. That means our chassis, and especially our transformers are made right here in the USA, in Michigan in fact. There are very few parts which are not made here such as the authentic Cliff jacks which are made in the UK, the tubes which are made in Czechoslovakia and Russia and some resistors and capacitors which are made in Taiwan.

7. You’ll enjoy a higher resale value.

Normally one doesn’t expect to make money by building a kit but in fact, a number of folks have built their kits and sold them to finance the next kit (yes, it is addictive!). Surprisingly, the price fetched on eBay in quite a few instances is quite a bit more than the sum of the parts. Chalk that up to the rarity of 18W amps and the fact that everyone wants one of these amps.