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Guytron Started in 1995 with a vision to produce the world’s greatest and most versatile professional guitar amplifier.  The result of that effort was the original GT100 which is now legendary for its versatility and its incredible tone.  It has the most beautiful clean tones of any amplifier on the market and it has an overdrive tone that is juicy and lush.  With the advent of the F/V controls in 2001, the amp became even more versatile and has become a mainstay of many studio players and touring guitarists the world over.

In July 2008, GDS Amplification LLC purchased the assets of Guytron Guitar Amplifiers and began the process of integrating Guytron production with GDS facilities and processes.  The synergies of GDS and Guytron have already shown great promise and each has benefited greatly by its association with the other.

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