GDS Amplification


A Few Words From Our Customers

At GDS Amplification, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and take care that every amp and kit that leaves the shop maintains our high standards. Satisfied customers around the world enjoy making toneful music with their GDS Amps and GDS Kits. Read on to share their experiences with our products. Would you like your story and a picture of your amplifier to appear on this page? Contact us.

Jae – GDS 18W Head & Offset tone stack owner

“Holy Cow! Gray, the GDS rocks!!!!!! No, check that, it ‘obsolesces’ other small watt Marshally amps!”

Jim Jenkins – GDS 18W Kit builder

“Graydon, just wanted to let you know the 18 watt head kit I purchased from you is up and running. Fired up and worked first time. This was a great kit, and lots of fun to build!”

Ove Martin of Finland – GDS 18W Kit builder

“What a splendid job you’ve done! I am in awe… Thanks! From One Happy Customer, Ove.”

Lynn Cowden – GDS 18W Combo Kit & 2×12 cab

“I am in tone heaven right now. I had some fears that I was expecting too much, that my expectations were too high, and to be honest, it has exceeded them! The tonal spectrum of this little monster is staggering. The note definition is something to hear. Its going to force me to be a more precise player as I don’t have any buzzy distortion to hide behind anymore!”

Mike from Hawaii – GDS 18W Kit builder

“Just a note to say thanks so much. I can’t get over how nice this amp sounds. I use a touch of delay up front and I am in heaven. This is the best sounding amp I have owned and I have had a few. I just got my Strat back from a friend today who was tweaking the setup a bit so I had not heard it through this amp till tonight. Wow! So very nice. Thanks again for your help and patience with all my mail. Aloha! Mike”