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Another GT100 F/V head and the Great Guytron Cabinet Rebate

August 27, 2009  |  Filed Under: Uncategorized

Dan & I have been working on GT100 F/V heads this week.   Here is S/N 519 as it just completed final assembly.  It needs to be burned in to make sure nothing is going to break down.GT100 F/V S/N 519

Here is another cool photo of Dan who built most of this amp.

Dan and s/n519

And now for details of the rebate.

If you buy a GT100 F/V with one or two of the classic 2-12 cabinets that go with the GT100, you can send your warranty card in to us and we will issue you a rebate.  If you buy one 2-12 cabinet, the rebate is $200.  If you buy two 2-12 cabinets, the rebate is $300.  Our recommendation is a closed back 2-12 and an open back 2-12.  That way you can use which ever cab suits your particular gig each night.  Then for larger venues, you can stack up both cabs for a huge composite sound that combines both the open and closed back tones.  Dan says this is a “complete out of body experience.”  See your local dealer for details.

Shirts went fast but they’re back in stock now!

August 5, 2009  |  Filed Under: Uncategorized

We went through our first order of shirts, polos and sweat shirts very quickly.  So, I made a big order and now we have all of the Guytron shirts in most of the popular sizes in stock.  I’ll get them on the website soon but in the meanwhile if you would like to show off your great taste in guitar amplifiers, email me to order a shirt.  Or you can just go ahead and send paypal to my email address for the amount below and include your address and I’ll send one right out.  As in all Guytron products, the prices include shipping within the continental USA.  if you want more than one, email me and I’ll come up with a better price that accounts for one shipping charge.

T-shirts (M, L, XL 2XL) – $25

Polo shirts with salt-n-pepper collars! (M, L, XL 2XL) – $35

Sweat Shirts (M, L, XL 2XL) – $45

Hoodie sweat shirts (M, L, XL 2XL) – $50

Guytron key fob lazer cut from stainless steel (also works great to adjust the GT100 impedance switch)- $15

I also still have a couple CD cases ($10) and small gig bags ($15)

Stay Tuned!!!  – GDS