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Another GT100 F/V head and the Great Guytron Cabinet Rebate

August 27, 2009  |  Filed Under: Uncategorized

Dan & I have been working on GT100 F/V heads this week.   Here is S/N 519 as it just completed final assembly.  It needs to be burned in to make sure nothing is going to break down.GT100 F/V S/N 519

Here is another cool photo of Dan who built most of this amp.

Dan and s/n519

And now for details of the rebate.

If you buy a GT100 F/V with one or two of the classic 2-12 cabinets that go with the GT100, you can send your warranty card in to us and we will issue you a rebate.  If you buy one 2-12 cabinet, the rebate is $200.  If you buy two 2-12 cabinets, the rebate is $300.  Our recommendation is a closed back 2-12 and an open back 2-12.  That way you can use which ever cab suits your particular gig each night.  Then for larger venues, you can stack up both cabs for a huge composite sound that combines both the open and closed back tones.  Dan says this is a “complete out of body experience.”  See your local dealer for details.

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