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November 21, 2008

November Update – The Guytron GT40 has arrived!

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November 21, 2008

The newest model in the Guytron lineup, the new GT40 is now shipping!  I completed two of the new GT40s this week.  I built a head and a combo.  These two amps were intended as saleable prototypes meaning that they were built entirely with production parts but being the first to be so, they would be subject to some testing and evaluation before being approved for sale.  In particular, I had to do some testing on the new GT40 transformers.  They worked great so we have placed an order for transformers at a production level and hopefully within 3-4  weeks we’ll be building GT40s with more regularity.  This first combo (Serial #001!) is going to a customer in Kansas City, MO while the head is going to a customer in France!  Bon Jour Nicolas!  Here are a couple photos of the head.  I’ll post more later.

gt40and112cab.jpg    gt40controls.jpg   

A-Channelgt40blue.jpg    B-Channelgt40red.jpg (Hint; open both photos and then hit alt-tab to swap between the two photos to see what happens when you change channels!)

Here are the specs for the new GT40 (subject to change of course):

All Combos and heads will be shipped with a custom embroidered Guytron cover and heads will als0 ship with a Guytron Bigtoneâ„¢ speaker cable.

Send me an email if you are interested in this new GT40 or just to talk.  I’d love to hear your opinions.


[EDIT – The new GT40 output transformers have arrived so we’re building GT40s this week! -GDS]

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