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July 30, 2008

GDS purchases assets of Guytron Guitar Amplifier Company

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July 30, 2008

Earlier this month, we purchased the assets of Guytron.  Many of you know Guytron already because they are well known for their innovative, patented circuit and their forward thinking design that is reminiscent of many great vintage amplifiers while being a “clone” of none.  In these days of cloning to get the tones of the past it is unusual and rare to find a company that is successfully promoting a design which is as unconventional as a Guytron.  We are very excited to begin production of Guytron amplifiers in our shop and have spent considerable amounts of time and money to prepare to do so.  There are pallets of speakers, cabinets and transformers and boxes and boxes of electronic parts arriving daily to replenish the stores on the shelves. 

Guytron also came with designs for two excellent speakers, known as the Bigtone 35 and Bigtone 55.  I have these in stock now and they sound great.  The Bigtone speakers are available individually in both 8 and 16 ohms for your own cabinets and they will be standard in all Guytron and GDS Amplifiers.

Currently, we expect to begin shipping new Guytron GT100 FVs and GT20s (heads and combos!)  late in August or early September.  Very soon, we also expect to begin shipping GT40s in both heads and combos.  Many of the first batch of Guytrons are already spoken for so if you want one, contact me ( or your nearest dealer) soon.  Check out the website for more details. 


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